Teaching English to Generation Z students (New concept of young learners)

Harmanto, Bambang (2013) Teaching English to Generation Z students (New concept of young learners). pp. 74-81.


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Although the teaching of the English at elementary schools, the so-called English for Young Learners (EYL), in Indonesia was formally introduced since 1994, it is believed that the achievement is still far from being satisfactory. In fact, many studies which investigated the area of the teaching English to young learners had indicated that there is no consistent support between the policy and implementation. All of them had tried to find out what factors affecting the ineffectiveness of the teaching. The finding showed that in general the schools did not develop the curriculum appropriately, design teaching methodology properly, empower trained and experienced teachers, allocate instruction time sufficiently, and cater the students totally. Just knowing the factors is not enough; they need a solution. Albert Einstein who says, ―the formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution.‖ needs to be taken into account. Since young learners today belong to the group of Generation Z who think and behave differently than those from preceding generations, the solution offered should be appropriate for their needs and wants. Understanding the new generations of students and the way they learn is the key for starting changes required in education. In this article, therefore, the writer wants to address the information for EYL professionals about the nature of Gen Z and presenting possible teaching strategies designed to engage this generation in the English classroom. Keywords: generation Z, young learners

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