How Much is Parents’ SES worth for young learners to learn English?"

Harmanto, Bambang (2015) How Much is Parents’ SES worth for young learners to learn English?". pp. 137-141.

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The parents‟ awareness to equip their children with English continues to increase as the response of globalization demands. English now has been very influential in Asia's language educational policies and practices for the past couple of years including Indonesia. The concern of today‟s Indonesian parents toward their children seems to be getting better. This paper, therefore, tried to show the finding of study concerning whether the parents‟ SES has contribution in forming their views on equipping their children with English. The data were collected by employing a survey technique using questionnaires and interviews involving 245 parents as the research respondents. The data of study were analyzed using an analysis instrument of SPSS with Predictive Analysis Software statistics 18. The finding revealed that there was no significant correlation between parents‟ social and economic status (SES) either in their education, occupation, or income and their views on equipping their children with English because the significance value (Sig value) was 0.192. It indicated that today‟s parents‟ concerns on how their children get a good English education were equally good. They held remarkably similar beliefs on the importance of English mastery for the globalization era, regardless of the existence of English at elementary schools or English for Young Learners (EYL). They consistently offered a commitment to support their children with English learning by giving option to take an English course or English program at schools. They believed that learning English would not hamper their children to master Indonesian language and weaken their patriotism values. Keywords: Parents’ Socio-Economic Status (SES), Young Learner

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